We are M$. Resistance is futile. Your puters and lappies will adapt to service us. We will add your technology to our own. M$ has announced that Windows is NOT a top priority. Pushing people to use the cloud and mobile has become their main focus now. The truth about 10 is coming out.

Windows 7 is going to be the last good OS released by M$. 8.1 with a local account follows right behind it. Both are far better than 10 when it comes to privacy and having choices. Windows 10 is far better at being spyware and making decision for you.

The pros for downgrading to 10 is M$ raking in more profits by selling the info they collect on you and M$ making all the decision for you.

The cons

From Tom’s Hardware:

When Microsoft created Windows 10, it tied in numerous monitoring and data collection tools. The operating system is capable of gathering your search history, web usage, Windows Store usage, details of what applications you use, voice recordings, emails, geographic information and just about anything else that is on your PC. This information is gathered in part for improving Windows-based services, but it is also used for market research and advertising purposes.

This is why M$ is pushing 10 hard because it means a big increase in their profit margarine when they sell the info they collect on you. That is why it is FREE. If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold. They have seen the profits that the smart phone makers are raking in by spying on their user so M$ decided to emulate that and cripple the desktops, laptops so they can do the same. That’s why they built a back door in it so you can’t stop the OS with a firewall from phoning home. They spend years coping anything that Apple did. Hence we got Windows 8. Now they are going copy the smart phone industry and and force everyone to use APP. If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold.

With Windows 10, M$ owns your system.
YOU can no longer pick the updates you want installed.
THEY by default can choose which drivers are installed.
THEY can choose what THEY want on your system.
THEY even installed a backdoor in it so THEY can SPY on you at all times.

If you do take the free downgrade to 10, M$ is going to delete your recovery partition to keep you from using it to do a fresh install of 7. It is my opinion that M$ deletes the recovery partition to keep people from going back to their old OS. I guess if you write as many bad OSes as they do you got to find a way to make it look like everyone likes it.

For the final month of get Windows 10 free, M$ is going to use a FULL SCREEN prompt in its final effort to nag you into taking the free downgrade to Windows 10.


To get rid of the nag screen see the info in the question below.


You can read more about 10 at this question.


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