Will the California high-speed railroad line be finished . Probably Not. It would put hundreds of lawyers and protesters out of work.

Will parts of it be built. Yes. Will constant dickering result in something not quite as good as high speed service elsewhere most likely.

Suggest you travel to some other countries to see High speed rail in action. Maybe then you might help support its development in California.

Many really do not understand what it can and cannot do. It is not to do your daily grocery shopping. It could be a daily or frequent long distance commute for some. Not everyone. Just like few daily fly to work or go grocery shopping.

It is just a way to get from A to B that does not require you to fly or drive your own car. More and more are moving to California. A New Freeway that could carry the same number of people the same distances would be much more expensive and take up a lot more land.

It is just a Piece of the Transportation Network that has really been ignored since the end of World War Two.

Many Videos to explore High Speed trains in other places. It will never be finished in California if they do not stop talking about it and actually start construction.

California Missed it as did the rest of the country when building the Interstates they did not just make it a little wider for train tracks too. Did not have to lay track but leaving space would have saved BILLIONS in the future. Much easier to build in an area not all built up.

Everyone wants more flights. NO ONE wants a New Airport in their backyard. Everyone wants a New road just not too close to their piece of land.

It would be nice if it ever does get finished. It will take a long time for the extreme ends of it to be done for a complete network. The part in middle might be complete for you to ride.
Things like new Developments near Train stations will follow DECADES after the stations Open.

You now see it around BART stations in the Burbs. Projects built one at a time over time.

I would not wait to experience riding a Fast train. If you want give Acela a try on the East coast.

A trip to Europe allows you to experience many. I suspect the California train will be something like this.

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