Commercial jets got all the publicity, and hogged all the glamor. The public didn’t care if a jet (turbine) engine powered that prop or what, it was still an ”old fashioned” prop plane. There were a lot of very good and successful turbo props in the same years as 707s DC-8s CV 880s/990s revolutionized air travel. Some had early problems such as the Viscount’s spar problems, and the Electra’s “unexplained” crashes. Well into the 1980s some of those old turbo props would outperform pure jets on shorter routes. A CV 580 was several minutes faster than a 727 or 737, between DEN and DRO. Approximately 400 miles. Used a lot less fuel per seat/mile too. F-27, CV 580, 600, and 660. Several PT-6 powered conversions, Aspen Airways even had a turbo prop converted, de Havilland Heron!!!

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