Edward Cullen is a century old when he meets a 17 year old schoolgirl. So …. well, STATUTORY RAPE could be mentioned, you could ask if Meyer has daddy issues …. and so on.

But really, the very worst that can be said of Meyer is that she LIKED KRISTEN STEWART for the movies. Kristen “did she swim in Botox or does she have some disease that means she only has ONE facial expression” Stewart.

No wait … did I mention how she makes her vampires ridiculously overpowered, Cullen especially? And with those werewolves their mortal enemies, why didn’t (WAY overpowered) Edward just rip them all to bits?

In fact, as Meyer said, the whole werewolf thing was never intended to play a big part but because HER AGENT AND EDITOR liked werewolf boy, she bigged him up, rewriting part of the first book (while already some way into the writing of the second book).

( clearly Meyer made it up as she went along, unlike J K Rowling who had the HP series plot worked out from the start )

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