There are a couple things that make a car sporty.
the most important is a good power to weight ratio.
this is done by having a powerful engine and low weight.
the beetle has neither.
its most powerful engine option has barely over 210 horsepower. which is laughable when comparing to other sports cars.
the other part of this is weight. the beetle weighs over 3200 lbs. far too much for that low engine power.
this means the car will not accelerate well.

on top of this, a sports car is balanced. it must have a proper engine and gearbox layout along with a proper suspension tuning to let it go around corners well.
the beetle has a soft and comfortable suspension. this is not what you need to go around corners in a spirited manner as this causes understeer.
in addition to the soft suspension, the beetle has front wheel drive. this adds to the understeer and to how slow the car is when you really push it through corners.

when you compare the beetle to proper sports cars you will realize that it does not have good power or a low weight to accelerate quickly. it does not have the proper drivetrain to be balanced and it does not have the proper suspension tuning.
if you look at the details like the seats, you will also notice things like very light side bolstering which make for a very unpleasant experience when driving quickly around corners. the gearbox in a beetle will most likely be automatic which slows the car and makes it less engaging to drive. all of these things add up to a car that is not a dedicated sports cars.


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