Separate companies are taking care of airfreight in the United States –
Federal Express, UPS, Southern Air Transport, Kalitta Air are examples of cargo airlines –
DHL and Airborne, Polar and Atlas are other cargo airlines –

There were major passenger airlines with cargo airplanes in the past –
Most of them stopped operating cargo flights –
American, United, Pan American had large fleets of cargo airplanes
Example was Northwest Orient (which had a fleet of 747F) –
When they became pàrt of Delta Airlines, the airfreight operation stopped operating –

Overseas, cargo airlines are often separate companies from passenger carriers as well –

Cargolux is a succesful cargo carrier in Luxembourg –
NCA (Nippon Cargo Airlines) used to be part of ANA (All Nippon Airlines) Now a separate airline –
Japan Air Cargo is quite “independent” from Japan Air Lines –
Martinair Cargo is a branch of KLM arlines, but operates under a different name –
German Cargo operated under different name, but Lufthansa decided operating as Lufthansa Cargo –

Why do United States air carrier are either passenger or cargo airlines…?
I think they like to specialize – Completely different marketing too –

With Pan Am, we had 727QC convertible passenger/cargo airplanes “Quick Change” –
Boeing no longer offers QC airplanes –
During day they flew passengers, and cargo at night
A maintenance team (3 men) converted a QC from passenger to cargo (or back) in 45 minutes –
Seats and galleys were on pallets –

As pilot, my favorite flights were cargo flights –
When I was with Pan Am, I did bid cargo flights most often on 707C, 727C or 747F –
I worked for Cargolux for 9 months in 1992-1993 – was the best pilot contract I ever got –

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