I understand you are having trouble downloading
the ilomilo plus app.


You can try these methods to check if the you are able to resolve the issue.


Method 1: Run the app troubleshooter.


Open that link to run the troubleshooter


Method 2: Disable Proxy Connections and check
If you are using a proxy connection, then try disabling proxy and then try to purchase.

a)Open Internet Explorer
b)Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options
c)Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN settings
d)Uncheck the Use Proxy server
e)Click Apply and Ok to save changes.


Method 3: Check date and time
a)On the start screen type “Date and Time” and open it from the settings option.
b)Correct the date and time if it is wrong as well as the Time Zone.


Method 4: Check Region settings
a)Type “Region” on the Start screen and click “Settings” and hit enter.
b)Under the “Location” tab make sure the region selected is where you are.


Method 5: Reset store cache
a)Right Click the Start screen (bottom left hand corner)
b)Click “Run”
c)Type: “WSReset.exe” and hit enter


Method 6:Check if the issue exists in clean boot
Follow the steps here to troubleshoot the issue.


Note: Once troubleshooting is done please follow “Step 3 :Reset the computer to
start as usual” on the article to boot the computer in normal mode.


You can use his link for reference


Feel free to use the forums in the future for any questions you may have.

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