I was a child in the seventies. It was different. Cars were bigger,long straight hair was popular but then the Farrah look came into style,disco came in. The soft rock love songs were on the radio and we listened to the radio.I had a tape recorder which was not a tape player as a music player because we used mostly records or 8 tracks. James Bond movies were popular and the music. Phones were n the wall. The circle phone .https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564… was a fancy phone or a Snoopy phone. We had cartoons only on Saturday mornings and some on Sunday morning early then the awful Soul train.We read the Sunday comics.We had pet rock,I dream of Jeannie,Bat man,six million dollar man,Fonzi,happy days,Laverne and Shirley,Land of the Lost,Holly Hobbie. Kids played outside without parents watching and we used to walked to the store to buy candy mostly. We went to the skating rink on weekends.I had my own skates with pompoms on them. We went to the library each week and checked out books or to study because we did not have a computer. We used card catalog. We did popular dances like the Hustle and the Bump and had record players. The only games we played were at the bowling alley which was pinball,foosball and later Pac man. 25 cents a game. I just remembered that Kiss was also popular.

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