IF, I understand this correctly, your vehicle was parked and (unoccupied) when the other guy hit your car? If so, then other guy’s insurance owes for the repairs to your vehicle.

Normally, his insurance would send an appraiser, or have you go to one of their “preferred” body shops to get an estimate of the cost to fix. But, after 2 months, their only suggestion is that you go file with your insurance.

My guess is that they are investigating if he had insurance when this accident happened, and if not, won’t pay a dime.

You claim to have filed a claim with your insurance company. When you open a claim, one of the jobs of the adjuster is to explain what coverage you bought. If you have collision and uninsured property damages, then YOUR insurance will fix and go after his insurance (or) him to repay back your insurance. Your adjuster can talk to the other adjuster to find out what is going on, or if the other guy has insurance when this happened. Same insurance company or different insurance company, does not matter, since most adjusters will talk to another adjuster for the scoop.

If you do not have collision or uninsured property damage on your policy, then your only other option is to sue the guy in small claims court. You can’t sue his insurance or go after his insurance, since his insurance did not hit your car, he did.

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