There are a few “kinds” of vegetarians and vegans, but these terms automatically set people up to believe that with this “title” of dietary choice, it also stands to reason that they are also following the ethical side of things, too. It’s just an assumption that many have as soon as someone opens their mouth and says they are vegetarian/vegan, as the whole of these definitions simply means they do not consume animal products or take part in any activities that involve animals, nor wear or use products coming from an animal.

I would honestly NOT consider him a vegetarian, as chances are, he still more than likely wears leather, owns something made from an animal, or uses bath products/animal product in some form or another. A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, but also wouldn’t use leather or animal fat; if an animal had to DIE, a vegetarian isn’t using it. He’s just a guy that doesn’t eat meat because he quite literally CAN’T.

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