You are doing way too little dance. A standard dance class is 90 minutes in length and you should be taking at least 12-15 hours of dance technique classes a week if you want to approach being competitive enough for a career in performing arts when you are older.. Most of those classes should be in ballet because that is where all your technique comes from. While singing and drama are important too, they can be put on the back burner as singing and drama training can start older and even be more minimal in terms of time put in to start if you really want to start now. For now most of your major dance training should to be in full swing. That is what is most important if you want to be a “triple threat”
Source(s):I worked for NYCB ( New York City Ballet) and have appeared on Broadway many years ago. Many current dancers on Broadway are retired professional ballet dancers , are still in the ballet, or at the very least have had a ton of classical ballet training.

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