There is no point in taking a cash advance for no reason. There is a cash advance fee besides a usually higher interest rate than for purchases that begins immediately (no grace period). It would do just as much for your credit record to just charge things that you would have the money to pay in full when the bill is due, without paying any interest.

But sometimes people are stubborn and just don’t want to listen to reason. I know someone in her 70’s who was an accountant at the company I worked for, but totally clueless about personal finances. She had some issue with a bank and I suggested that she just pay off her credit card and be done with it. But she said that she did not want to take money out of her savings account and give them the satisfaction of getting their money right away, totally oblivious to the fact that dragging it out with minimum payments costs her more money and makes them more money. And making minimum payments appears to creditors as though you might not be able to afford the credit you have or do not realize how much interest you are paying and will take advantage of that by raising interest rates or not lowering them.

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