This is the first time I’ve seen a report that the
PowerToy Image Resizer would not function.

Now I’m wondering if the utility is installed
and you haven’t discovered how to use it.

You do not have to launch the utility…it is
always ready to go.

Try opening any folder that contains images
and you should have an option to resize in
the right click menu.

Just right click one or more selected
(highlighted) image thumbnails or filenames
and choose Resize Pictures from the menu.
You can select one image or a whole group.

The program will place the resized copies in
the folder with your originals.
(Tip: *Never* overwrite your originals)

To insure that images in both portrait and
landscape orientation are resized to the
same dimensions…go to…Advanced…
and enter the largest number in both fields.
IOW…for 600×800…enter 800 in both fields.

If this is the answer…I apologize for not thinking
of it sooner.

The following tutorial may be worth a look:

How to Easily Resize Photos in Windows XP


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