·         Which web browser are you using?

·         Do you receive any error message or error code?

·         Have you made any changes on the computer prior to the issue?


If you are using Internet Explorer then follow the suggestions listed below for a possible fix:


Method 1: I would suggest you to optimize Internet Explorer (IE) and check if that fixes the issue.


Is Internet Explorer slow? 5 things to try



Disclaimer: Please note that resetting Internet Explorer (IE) settings will reset all user-defined settings including those set by installed extensions, toolbars and other add-ons to IE Defaults. This includes all Security, Privacy and Zone settings. Also this will clear browsing history, delete all temporary Internet Files, cookies, form data and especially all stored passwords.


Method 2: I would recommend you to uninstall Adobe Flash Player, download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and check if that fixes the issue.


Also refer the article for more help.


Uninstall Flash Player | Windows



Additionally, follow the instructions from this article to Flash Player troubleshoot installation issues:


 Troubleshoot Flash Player installation | Windows



Let us know if this helps.

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