The bank will cancel one of the deposits
– the second one probably (as the 1st was already in processing).

The second deposit will not go through / it will bounce – hopefully with no penalty fees.

Anyway, you have access to the Money (once !) now.

the other money will be cancelled shortly.
If they try to complain / charge you fees – you can show that you told the Teller, and their bank employee allowed it / said it would be OK.

I am guessing that ‘in theory’ a bank teller should be able to validate the Mobile check before 24hrs
i.e. it is the original check, but now confirmed.
It should not have been deposited 2 times.

And no, the employer has not paid out twice – the bank has,
(the bank now goes to the employers bank and asks for the money .. which they will not get, and then grab it back off you…)

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