A new Kona acoustic-electric retails for somewhere around a hundred bucks. That makes $60 a fair price *if* everything worked. There’s no telling why the pickup isn’t working. Pickups rarely fail, so it’s more likely something in the pre-amp. Unless it’s a dead battery, it’s not worth fixing. (You can expect to pay a shop $50 an hour plus parts) So you have to judge this guitar on it’s properties as a straight acoustic guitar. That’s fine because nobody needs an acoustic-electric unless they’re gigging…in which case, they’d want a better guitar anyway.

I’ve never played a Kona. There are some good youtube reviews by inexperienced players who probably can’t tell the difference between a good or bad guitar. On the videos, the guitar sounded like crap…which is to be expected of a thin bodied cheap guitar.

Bottom line is that I wouldn’t recommend this guitar even if it was new. As a broken used guitar, the deal isn’t any more attractive. The only way you should consider buying it is if you can (a) try it first, and (b) get it for less.

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