*This answer is not meant to offend/ critisize any group.

In Hinduism, it is believed that everything is Maya i.e. Illusion and that the only reality is the Ultimate Reality. Now, this is obviously contradictory because, if everything is illusionary then the Illusion is itself an illusion (taken from Plogsties’s answer). In this case the Jivatman (sorry for the terminology, don’t mind it), is prominent and one can attain Enlightenment I.e. Understanding the fact that everything is unreal.This is one POV.

And… You have materialism. So, now everything is NOT an illusion, but has a physical, believable form. But, the question (I think) this gives rise to is- is Death real. Given Socrates’s arguments, Death is more or less a secondary entity… blah,blah,blah.

Then again you do a ‘reality check’ and you see that the Hindu POV I gave is ‘little’ off the vogue. So, the more practical view would be the latter. But, due to the fact of the presence of the other, more ‘philosophical view’ … I think I like the latter view better (just saying)

So you have 2 views. Pick and choose!

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