go to site Talent should not be a factor. The world is full of talented people who can’t find jobs.

source site Also, you can’t change talent, because it’s innate. There is nothing to do to acquire more of it. You either got or you don’t and that’s the harsh reality of that. Move past it.

go here In art school I’ve seen some pretty horrible kids that became awesome artist because they worked their asses off and got jobs in the industry when they graduated. Only because of the fact that they wanted it more than the next guy.

click here With the exceptions of the Sir Isaac Newtons and Mozarts, talent is no where close to the awesome power of hard work and experience. If you wanted to be an amazing artist, and you seriously practiced it like a work out routine you will reach your goal eventually. There is no doubt in my mind.

a good headline for my dating profile I work as a digital artist and I’m speaking from the personal observations that

source link I’ve made from the different experiences that I’ve had

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