It can be if you follow a few simple rules
1 – Craigslist sales are CASH ONLY. Scammers will offer to pay you by Paypal (hacked account), check or money order (counterfeit) or bank transfer (phishing for your bank details to empty your account). Always put in your ad that you accept CASH ONLY. If it’s an expensive item like a car, then you can meet the buyer at their bank and either witness them withdrawing cash or witness them getting a certified check. But you have to see them doing this
2- NEVER give out your home address for any reason. Too many people have been targets of home invasion robbery after giving their address to a fake buyer. Thieves know that someone listing a computer, large screen TV, diamond ring, fancy car or other expensive items on CL probably have a house full of other expensive items. So don’t give your home address
3 – ALWAYS meet in a public, well lit location with other people around and security cameras. if it’s a large item then meet in front of your local police station, in the DMV parking lot, etc. For smaller items you can carry, then meet at a coffee shop, hotel lobby, bank, mall food court, public library, etc.
4 – Don’t go alone, have someone with you
5 – Never agree to ship anything. You get cash in hand then hand over the item to the buyer or no sale

follow site When listing anything, put at the top and/or bottom of your ad
and ignore everyone else. Scammers will target anyone listing anything. They don’t even read what you posted – they will say “Is the item still available”

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