Ask yourself why would matter have a drive to survive, to evolve, to have a self, an ego identity, and consciousness. Why would matter exist and become these things? Even after an eternity of time, there would still be no reason for it to exist and become what it is except for an intelligence behind it that creates an infinitely complex physics in its design. And all of this indicates purpose.

Evolution evolves consciousness, and with consciousness the universe is able know itself. There wouldn’t be a point for existence if it didn’t know that it existed. It becomes completely conscious as a human but is trapped in its complete identification to being a human form and doesn’t experience its reality of being formless and infinite. It has to deliberately find its freedom by first knowing that it’s ignorant of its true Self. It is discovering that which will eventually lead it back.

This has been going on forever, because by existence knowing itself, it creates its own unknowingness, its own eternal unconsciousness. Its consciousness is Reality and its unconsciousness is illusion that creates infinite illusion in becoming conscious in a human.

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