Dude. WTF can I say? I’ll just speak from the heart. The same strong passion that makes you a good musician can bring pain, and some of us know that well. And when things go wrong with you, it hurts me too.

You go sit on the beach, watch those waves roll in, clear your head and heart, and we will keep a candle in the window. I will not hold you to your stated intent – I refuse to accept it.

You know what I mean by “it don’t mean ‘nothin”, brother man. Reach for that, too.

By the way, out here, it’s “cow pie” not patty. Gotcha. I’m gonna go break something.

PS – Give Mamianka the Best Answer, the resident sometimes snarly expert who’s still standing Tall. When she leaves, we are friggin’ doomed. Great competence does not need to be nice, and, here, is not always respected.

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