Why do you want to be an actress?

If you want fame, attention, escape from a boring life – then it’s not worth it. If you’re dreaming about being “discovered” and walking the red carpet and being recognized and asked to sign autographs – then no, it’s not really worth it for you to pursue an acting career.

If you actually interested in the work of acting – auditioning, analyzing a script, building a character, memorizing lines and blocking, rehearsing, working with a cast and crew, taking direction as well as performing – then it’s something to look into. Even if you don’t pursue a professional acting career you can have fun being involved in acting and theater. It’s a good creative outlet, an chance to make friends, and an opportunity to learn many life skills like team work, leadership, preserverence and the like. You can learn to sing and dance – it could be fun.

Pursuing a professional acting career is extremely challenging. It is competitive and full of rejection. Every acting job is temporary so you always worry about when (and if) you’ll get another acting job. Most professional actors don’t support themselves by acting alone. So if you’re thinking about a professional acting career you need to research and learn the business end of things to make sure it really is the right move for you.

But again – theater and acting can fun and all even if you don’t pursue a professional career. Just because it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever become famous doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, make friends and learn things by doing theater.

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