Start with acting classes. Voice and dance lessons can be fun too.

Movies can be fun to watch and many people use them to escape from the stress of life for a while – there’s nothing wrong with that. But seven hours a day is too much. Good acting is based in reality – not the fantasy of TV. It’s based on real life experiences not pretend ones. One thing you should realize is that what you’re doing now is not acting or even studying acting. Pretending, fantasizing, mimicking – not acting. Acting involves reacting and interacting with others.

So if you’re interested in acting – go act! Beginning acting classes can be fun. Research and find a good class for beginners with an encouraging teacher as well. And voice lessons can be fun and dance classes – exercise too! Try to audition for things like school plays and community theater. Join drama club and look into competing in forensic speech/drama contests. Maybe join other performance groups like choir, band or a dance troupe.

And continue to work on your social anxiety – professional therapists can help you learn to deal with that issue. Acting is not a way to escape yourself by pretending to be someone else. A good actor needs self-awareness and it’s very important to be comfortable with who you are.

Theater area can be a good creative outlet for you, a chance to make friends and learn some life skills. So talk to your parents about getting involved in something. For now just focus on learning and growing as an actor and perfomer.

Once you’ve actually tried acting and done that for a while – then you’ll have a better idea if you really want to attempt an acting career. Then you can research and learn the realities of an acting career – it’s not what you think. Companies are not searching for people with unique faces to put on their show – they need talented, trained, experienced actors who are marketable.

And if you get away from the TV and get involved with things be it theater, music, sports, volunteering or anything – you can build a community of friends and acquaintances who recognize you (even if you don’t become “an actor”).

Good luck.

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