Yup Totally true. I sucked at first, too! And I have a friend who wrote and drew a comic book for 30 years -and he really sucked at first. And you can find the first issues of his book online and you can see how much he sucked at the beginning! So his sucking is out there for all to see! My father is a professional artist and he did some terrible artworks when he was young. And he proudly displayed a few at his his “70 years an artist” retrospective exhibit along side his current pieces that are in galleries and museums.

Reality check: No one is a natural born artist who picks up a pencil and draws like Leonardo DaVinci. Everyone sucks when they start. There’s no such thing as “talent” that one is born with. Art is a skill that must be learned, practiced and the more one practices the more the skill grows and develops. Anyone can learn to draw and develop the skills needed for good drawing and for art. Art is hand/eye coordination, it is fine motor skills, it is the ability to observe and and see, it is vision and visual, and it is tapping into the part of the mind that sees in visual abstract terms -not in words and symbols. All are skills that can be learned and developed. Not one of these skill require any special “talent” Practice by using is how these skills are developed. The more you practice, the better the skills get and the better your pictures become.

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