That’s the problem with being born into amnesia. You forget who and what you are. You don’t remember much before the age of 3. Nor do you remember much before the age of 2, probably nothing. You don’t remember being born or who was there at your birth. You don’t remember being in the womb. You don’t remember your conception. You don’t remember entering that body you are in. You don’t remember what you ate for dinner a month from today. You don’t remember much of anything. Just small fragments of things you remember. So, is it safe to say that you are in amnesia….. I would like to say Yes. So, if you don’t know these things that helped shape you to who you are today, then I can overstand why you don’t know who you are. When you recall these memories, you will realize that you are a lot more than you think you are. The world has you thinking you aren’t much more than a person who holds down a job and make a family and get a home and have children of your own who you don’t know how to help remember the most valuable things that will shape them. It makes me sad to see those who say they don’t know who they are or they have lost themselves because it’s just a simple process that you can do that can bring up all that you are and recall all your memories, even before birth. I am here, Eye Am Eternal

The Art of Destiny
The presence of the living myth.

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