A car in that price range (outside from MAYBE a repossessed one at police auction) will have numerous problems,
therefore end up costing far more in the long run. Why not get a reliable bicycle instead particularly since parking is often a problem at college. It will help get or keep you in shape, take up far less space, and cause a lot less anxiety.

Are you bored ..
Well if you already know your schedule (and preferably have your books) try familiarizing yourself with the material. Get online tutoring to help prepare for a class you anticipate having trouble with, like remedial English, seeing how your punctuation is worse than of my six year old nephew (for whom English is his third language)
Do something constructive – learn another language for example. With the world getting increasingly close-minded, that remains a big advantage. Might even help you to better communicate with your future roommate(s) and others you’ll be interacting with.

What do you mean by having fun Dereck .. whatever it is, refrain from alcohol, tobacco, drugs. The problems which often result from it, legal and otherwise, particularly if you start young, aren’t even funny.

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