Okay, remember that it was YOU who asked.

Rocksmith is a computer game that uses a guitar as a controller. I guess you learn how to be able to play things ON a guitar but you certainly don’t learn how to play the guitar – how to become a guitarist. I’ve seen adverts for the game and it seems to be directed very much at children. They don’t even use the correct terminology.

Being able to play an instrument isn’t about being able to remember where to put your fingers to play each note of something someone else created, it’s about being able to actually play anything (within your skill level) without anyone having to show you where to put your fingers, about being creative and being able to play independently.

After about two months of hard work, practicing the things you should be practicing, you should maybe be able to tune a guitar accurately using a tuner, be able to play a few basic chords (badly) and be able to pick out a basic C major scale in the nut position. You should be able to hold the guitar and pick correctly but I’d expect you still to have problems strumming. You would be nowhere near the stage of “playing covers”. You are attempting to do that without learning any of the basics you need to know to be able to play the guitar at all.

If you want to continue to play on Rocksmith and have fun with a guitar then that’s fine. There is NOTHING wrong with doing something like that you enjoy. But don’t think you’re learning to play the guitar because you’re not. If you want to learn how to play you need to start again by learning the basics. Lessons are definitely best, from a qualified teacher. Otherwise go to a music store and look for one or two good beginners’ books, but look for something that doesn’t dumb things down too much. You could even look at Justin Sanbercoe’s (think that’s how you spell it ), just Google justinguitar.

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