I have to go with galaxy. Here are my reasons.
1. Custimization- Galaxy phones often run Android which in my opinion is better than ios. It also lets you change a lot of things like keyboard, widgets and better organization of apps.
2. Specs- In terms of camera quality, processer, ram etc. Galaxy phones is the clear winner. When your talking about the rival phone for the iphone, galaxy was always better. For example, lets compare the s5 with the 6. Galaxy has 2gb of ram while the iphone only has 1. Galaxy also has a better resolution(1920×1080 vs 1337×750). It also had a better camera capable of 4k recording while the iphone only had hd/1080p.
3. Expandable Memory- The one thing samsung phones always had the iphone didn’t have was expandable storage. Once you run out of storage on an iphone you always have to delete apps if you want your storage back while for most samsung phones you can just insert a new sd card with a lot more storage.
4.Bending?- Samsung phones don’t “bend” in your pockets.

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