As in all questions concerning employment, it is a matter of supply and demand. Employers are looking at the labor market as a whole, and attempting to determine whether a given candidate can supply their needs, at a cost that they can accept. If the pros (a competent, motivated employee) exceed the cons (too expensive, lazy, incompetent) the employer will hire the individual. Experience is not the only factor that is taken into account in hiring decisions, depending, again, on the position. Is the employer seeking to hire a CEO, an airline pilot, a computer programmer, a nurse, a prosecutor? Or someone to work the hamburger line in a fast-food establishment, or wash cars? Your question is much too general to give a definite answer. You need to identify the nature of the position under consideration, and other factors, to receive a more definitive answer.

But again, as in many things in life, employment decisions are governed by the law of supply and demand. If the demand for competent employees outstrips the supply of willing workers, it is a worker’s market. If the supply of competent workers outstrips the demand, it is an employer’s market. 🙂

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