I didn’t get in a car accident but I’m the reason for one that happened… What do I do?

get link  If you got out of a lane and as a result of that the car that was behind you ended up having an accident with the car that was in front of you, that’s not your fault, that’s the car-behind’s fault. As long as you didn’t hit anything or anyone, you’re almost certainly not involved […]

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If I wrecked a friends parents motorcycle and they dont want to claim it on their insurance but want me to pay out of pocket do I have to?

astroforex youtube Insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. If they allowed you to drive it, then they should report it and pay the deductible. They allowed you to drive it, so your a permissive driver. “Let’s say you lend your car to your roommate, Annie, for the day. Annie hits another driver in the parking lot […]

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Is it just me or is this DMV behind the test insanely hard??? I failed for the second time again today. any tips?!!?

follow link The test at that DMV is no different from at any other DMV. The US driving test is actually one of the easiest in the world. The examiner had to slam on the brakes to prevent you causing a serious crash. You seriously think you should have passed? Face it. It’s just you. You’re a […]

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