Is this guitar worth it?

see url A new Kona acoustic-electric retails for somewhere around a hundred bucks. That makes $60 a fair price *if* everything worked. There’s no telling why the pickup isn’t working. Pickups rarely fail, so it’s more likely something in the pre-amp. Unless it’s a dead battery, it’s not worth fixing. (You can expect to pay a shop […]

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Should I join marching band?

source url Yes, marching band is amazing and you meet so many new friends and bonds with people you never knew before. You get better at your instrument and it only has a few downsides~ You get sore after a few days of band practice, but it is so much fun. Especially if you have nothing to […]

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What is an easy instrument to learn?

follow link Triangle, tambourine, Congo/bongo drums, cowbell, gong…or any single hit percussion instrument is easy, but not very rewarding. Blowing on a whiskey jug is about the same. The jaw harp is pretty cool, but has limited applications. Kazoos are actually considered instruments, but you are not likely to get much respect from other musicians as a […]

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