No. There has never been a female who started at 15 and became a professional ballet dancer and you can’t catch up in time.

As far as the answers saying it is possible, maybe they don’t know the truth. But it isn’t possible and the dancers are made up. And although one of the answers says anything is possible, this is simply not true. For example, it isn’t possible to get into a university that you don’t meet the requirements of and it is pointless to apply to a university that you know you wouldn’t be accepted to. There are many other things that are not possible for everyone and people need to know what is and is not possible for them.

You might never have had a career in ballet even if you started much younger. There are certain requirements you need to be born with for a career in ballet and very few people are born with them. And of those who are born with the right requirements and get the right training in professional ballet schools, few become ballet dancers. A career in ballet is also very short and often poorly paid. Many ballet dancers have to do side jobs in order to make a living. But even if you were born with the right requirements, it is too late.

You can still dance recreationally and improve in ballet, but becoming a professional ballet dancer is impossible for you.

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