With some family lines in early colonial Virginia that is not totally unbelievable. However what type of research did you do?. Did you get actual documents? Are you taking information from subscriber submitted family trees which should not be accepted as fact until verified with actual records?. This is true not only of free websites but those that charge like Ancestry.Com. No, they do not hire people to verify what their subscribers submit. It would be way too costly. Even when you see the absolute same information on the same people from many different subscribers that doesn’t mean for one moment the information is accurate as too many people copy without verifying.

As far as the male lineage being more important than the female only a male chauvinist thinks that way. I don’t normally use that term.
The only thing if it is in the direct male line you would have the Y DNA passed only through that line. You would have his Y along with probably a million other people No way would I crow about it. That is not class. That is crass! A lot of people who would be smiling sweetly to your face behind your back will think “who cares?” Even people who know they have some royal or noble lines.

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